Adani Vidya Mandir stuns all at Greenmosphere by winning maximum awards

The Ahmedabad-based school showcased its talent through various activities which were centered around environmental protection, preservation, and awareness

Once again, the students of the Ahmedabad-based school, Adani Vidya Mandir, have proved their mettle. Recently, the school bagged the maximum number of awards at a competition held by the Greenmosphere Club, Ahmedabad. The school set a phenomenal example by winning a total of 29 trophies in the inter-school competition, titled, ‘The Green Millennials.’

Greenmosphere – launched by Adani Total Gas Ltd. (ATGL) is a unique initiative to create awareness towards a low-carbon society, wherein various initiatives are being conducted with an aim to promote energy conservation, carbon emission and waste reduction, lifestyle, and climate change awareness and much more. It’s pivotal that right from a young age, children are taught about nature and energy conservation, and this was one of the pivotal factors behind the inception of this initiative.

The Greenmosphere Club organizes various competitive programs for students every year with the aim of making them understand the nuances of preserving the environment and nature. This year students from 30 schools across Ahmedabad participated in the program. The event had an array of activities which were divided into 12 categories such as story writing, comic book, animation, poetry writing, slogan writing, working model that showcased different forms of energy, etc.

The audience was also enthralled by programs like solo and group dance, group, skits, solo acts, etc. which were all centered around the theme of environmental protection, conservation, and awareness.

It was a moment of joy and pride for the green ambassadors of the Adani Vidya Mandir, Ahmedabad to get nominated in 10 out of the 12 categories and sweep all the awards. The understanding, dedication, and creativity shown by these bright, young minds were commendable and spoke highly of their commitment to environmental awareness.

Under the Greenmosphere project, students of classes 6 – 8 are given interactive education along with fun and engaging activities that help them to have a clear understanding of the energy consumption patterns, through activities focusing on alternative forms of energy, environmental impacts, conservation of energy, use of green alternatives and most importantly how to reduce energy consumption at school and home. The aim is to also help children to develop eco-friendly skills and ultimately make them green warriors.

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